Who We Are

The Maurice Rush Foundation (MRF) was founded by Jasmine Poole in June 2011 and is located in Drexel Hill, PA. Jasmine took her son, Maurice Rush, to a developmental pediatrician and was told the words, “Your son has autism”. That diagnosis changed her family’s life forever and from that, the Maurice Rush Foundation was born.

Maurice Rush Foundation is an organization that represents, uplifts, and encouraging those dealing with Autism. It is dedicated to providing support and offering education to individuals, families, and communities dealing with this life changing diagnosis. ASD is a disorder characterized by a range of conditions and challenges in social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and non-verbal communication. We currently affects 1 in every 68 children and there is no cure. MRF’s purpose is to help those dealing Autism to know they are not alone.

MRF is excited for the plans in the years to come. From establishing ARTism, to holding a community Bubble Walk/Resource Fair, to providing book bags to school with autistic students, MRF is a foundation built from love and family. It welcomes all who are looking for understanding and help.