I appreciate that you have taken time out of your day to learn more about the Maurice Rush Foundation and to read this letter! 

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Have you ever been given an assignment that you weren’t prepared for? A task so unsuspecting it seems that you are ill-equipped and unqualified to handle any part of it? I had sat at the table asking for Parenting with a side of fries. Yet, what was handed to me was Parenting with a side of Autism. Autism! What is this?! I wasn’t prepared to stick a fork in this! But with a spoon, I fearfully scooped into what I thought I would never in a million years digest. 

Today, there are many families trying to “scoop” and “digest” the diagnosis of Autism. Let me tell you, it is NOT an easy feat! Not by a long shot! Yet, what makes it a little easier, and that much better, is knowing that you are not alone! That there are others who understand, and not only that, here to help you.

That is my “Why?” for starting the Maurice Rush Foundation. I am an Autism Parent. I know what it feels like to cry in the dark when no one is watching, to feel hopeless, to experience loss in the original goals I had for my child, to feel extreme fatigue, to feel the pain of my child’s attacks when I cannot understand what it is he is trying to say. I also know the power in receiving encouragement, resources, and tools to make me feel empowered. Feeling empowered as an autism parent is an incredible feeling! My hope is that this Foundation helps you feel empowered as well, and encouraged wherever your journey takes you, the people you meet, the roads you travel, and the unexpected adventures that you seek. 

Whether a person, school, home, hospital, restaurant, etc. this Foundation’s goal is to transform the culture surrounding Autism intelligence, understanding and acceptance. I pray that our mission inspires you, and that you support our efforts in any way that you can.

With Love,


Jasmine Poole

Mom, CEO, & Founder of Maurice Rush Foundation, Inc.